Jesenic Top

The natural beauties in the mountains dominated by Praděd are countless. If you go on a trip there, you must not miss the mysterious Peter's Stones, where, according to legend, the witches were flying to their stink. Another legend is the Moss Pond on the Rejvísu, where the whole settlement is sunk according to legends. Or the mystical rock town of Smolný Vrch, with a lot of prospects and a sitting area. These mountains simply have something to offer in every season.
For skis and bicycles
There are countless places for sports, around the Praděd mountain. It offers several ski resorts, adapted trails for cross-country skiers, hiking and biking trails. You can go for sports in winter and summer. And with accommodation Jeseníky you will surely not be stepping beside. You will be welcomed by a beautiful mountain hotel.