Pelmets together with other accessories will create a real home

Experienced company InBytex offers you quality and stylish goods. Not only pelmets, but also household textiles, which are lined with curtains, curtains in the interior, upholstery fabrics, fabrics for tablecloths, string curtains and designs and cuts, you can order with us in peace! Shielding technology is also our specialty, you can choose with modern elements, but also from a proven classic that will not disappoint and offend! Japanese walls, Roman and winding shutters, blinds and plissé, all with us outside of the garnýyou can buy and make your apartment so cozy!
The trade Reference speaks for everything!
If you want to verify our experience and expertise, click on our website, where some references of our InBytex company are located. Believe that you will be satisfied with our services and goods, as well as the owners of hotels, restaurants, offices, schools and kindergartens! The pelmets are super.